Guidance on Handling of Insoluble Matter and Foreign Particles in APIs and Excipients (10665)

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Course Guidance on Handling of Insoluble Matter and Foreign Particles in APIs and Excipients
Trainer Dr. Helmut Buschmann
RD&C Research, Development & Consulting GmbH

Dr. Norbert Handler
RD&C Research, Development & Consulting GmbH
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The description, assessment and documentation of impurities in drug substance, excipients, drug product and packaging material are an essential part of the quality and safety of a drug during its life cycle. The main frame and rules are documented in official guidelines and pharmacopoeias; however, not all relevant aspects are covered by the regulatory documents and leave room for interpretation and open questions. One of these topics is foreign particles in medicinal products; they have to be considered and assessed, but a clear guidance is missing.

This webinar will provide answers to open questions and cover the following aspects: 


  • Key preventive measures to minimise foreign particles 
  • How to deal with technically unavoidable particles in excipients 
  • Acceptance criteria for particles in APIs 
  • How to identify the source of insoluble matter 
  • Analytical control methods for particle detection 
  • How to minimise the presence of particles – strategies for cleaning and detection 
  • Foreign particles in excipients and finished product quality and safety 

Possible Points to be covered:

  • Definitions of particles
    • Particles in final APIs 
    • Particles in API intermediates 
    • Particles in raw materials (including packaging materials) for APIs 
  • Good practices to minimse the presence of particles in APIs 
    • Key preventive measures 
    • Removal / detection methods 
    • Inspection methods 
  • Analytical controls and acceptance criteria 
    • Analytical methods for APIs 
    • Appearance test 
    • Filter test 
    • Sampling and sample size 
    • Preventive measures for test execution 
    • Test execution 
    • Acceptance criteria for APIs 
    • Dosage forms and routes of administration. 
    • Limits 
    • (In-)Process controls for intermediate process steps 
  • Incident Management 
    • Determination of the identity of particles 
    • Identify source – examples of investigation techniques and aids 
    • CAPA / course of action to avoid reoccurrence 
    • Risk assessment: topics to be considered during investigation & disposition 
    • Decision 
  • Analytics
    • Extensive methods for the isolation of particulate matter, for example manipulation of small particles, filtration and centrifugation 
    • Optical microscopy with image analysis 
    • Scanning electron microscopy with EDX for qualitative elemental analysis of particles 
    • High Resolution SEM with Field Emission Gun 
    • FT-IR microscopy 
    • Raman microscopy 

Duration: 150 minutes
Lecture language: English | Slides: English

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